Masiha AtelierExhibition Stands Design Services in Iran

Our managers' and technicians' valuable experiences built Masiha as a group
Now, Masiha group is providing services to its dear customers
With a 12 years background in case of the services below.

Research and Consulting

We have made it possible according to the years in the field of interior design and exhibition booths, after understanding the project and the needs of our customers, to how to implement research projects and innovative strategies and provide useful.

Design studio

Our design studio is highly talented and experienced to provide you insights on creating an exhibition stand and interior design that uniquely showcases your services. Our team makes sure that your product makes a lasting impact on your customers by sensibly designing your exhibition booth.

Exhibition stands

Due to time constraints in the construction of exhibition booths and minimum expected quality of our execution units and other issues,this company with enjoying the factory equipped with advanced machinery, experienced and trained personnel required,all their efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.

Interior design

Due to the use of various materials in the decoration, executive teams are working in this field are numerous and each specializes in a particular field of work. In Masiha atelier , the decoration project with the utmost precision and focus runs and the adherence to the highest quality possible.