Masiha Design Atelier in a glance

Masiha Atelier has over 12 years experience in events and exhibitions and a philosophy based on exceptional service, and our company is one of the most Powerful and popular companies in the Iranian fair industry known In all the years of its activity we've tried to offer different services to our customers with the best solutions.
Masiha is born to provide unique products internationally established and today many companies had been placed on the list of our customers.
The main purpose of Masiha's family is by taking advantage of expert young - talented human resources and using new technologies of the world, Revolves around the expertise and the commitment and integrity, according to our capabilities in specialized related fields , do our best for customers.
Ethical rules of Masiha’s family employees
In order to protect the interests of the company and satisfaction of our customers who are our real assets, we believe the following principles:

  • Friendliness and serenity to customers.

  • Guidance and advice to the customer as soon as possible and try to meet the reasonable needs of his satisfaction.
  • Provide the necessary information to their colleagues, in order to better service and accelerating the implementation of properly
  • Perform tasks effectively and efficiently with speed and accuracy.
  • Avoid waste and unnecessary consumption of customer resources
  • Understanding client objectives and align the project with them.

Masiha’s family that haven't ever.